Questions Soma Ray-Ellis won’t answer

Even though she stumbled over her words and simply doesn’t seem very articulate, and even though she has a citation history that is thin at best, Mathieu Chantelois’ attorney Soma Ray-Ellis still felt authorized to make extraordinary claims – and issue threats – in a TV interview.

So I thought I’d ask her a few fact-checking questions (excerpted here; links added). She did not respond. Continue reading “Questions Soma Ray-Ellis won’t answer”

The Pussy Palace court case

Quite separate from the apology the police agreed to provide to attendees of the Pussy Palace wymmynz bathhouse event in September 2000, charges against two organizers were thrown out. The judge ruled that the raid was an invasion of women’s privacy.

The ruling is somewhat tricky to find. An edited version (some elisions made) is available right here. Continue reading “The Pussy Palace court case”