Greatest hits of Janaya Khan (II)

More press coverage of Black Lives Matter Toronto’s in-house pugilistrix (if one overlooks for the moment the fact she lives in Los Angeles).

  1. Toronto Life profile

  2. CBC Fifth Estate documentary (YouTube)

Myth: The cops didn’t apologize for the Pussy Palace raid

The more left-wing you are, even if you actually received an apology from the police, the more likely you are to claim the police never apologized for the raid on the Pussy Palace bathhouse in September 2000. But they did apologize. Continue reading “Myth: The cops didn’t apologize for the Pussy Palace raid”

Janaya Khan interview (I)

Janaya Khan interview (video only), CP24, 2016.07.04.

Khan on camera

Note how Khan suddenly realizes the pickle she’s in as she uses “police” in a verb form: “I don’t ever want to police… uh, how somebody, what their – what someone’s profession should be, or, you know, whether or not they can be both queer and a police officer.” (Posted 2016.07.10; updated 2016.07.13, 2016.08.19.) Continue reading “Janaya Khan interview (I)”