Pride Toronto rewrites its Dispute Resolution Process (2017)

At the end of May 2017, Pride Toronto published a new set of rules for its Dispute Resolution Process.

This new version rewrites history by claiming that the DRP exists to comply with City policy. (It may also comply with that policy, but the DRP was not created for that reason.) It sets new deadlines for complaints, imposes a 500-word limit, and tells you to your face that your full name, address, and other information will be given to your adversaries and may be made public.

And only members of Pride Toronto may submit a complaint. As Pride Toronto carefully excludes what it believes are critics (really enemies) from membership, including by cancelling their memberships, this provision in itself nullifies the Dispute Resolution Process, and arguably puts Pride Toronto in violation of City rules.

Text of the new DRP is as follows. Continue reading “Pride Toronto rewrites its Dispute Resolution Process (2017)”