Groups marching in gay pride in 2017

This is the official list, ostensibly. It goes without saying that Pride Toronto couldn’t alphabetize it.

Who’s not on the list?

Black Lives Matter Toronto.

They can, and surely will, still show up for the Trans March and the (“#RESIST”) Dyke March. And for all we know, these revolutionaries will simply storm the barricades of the Pride Parade. Continue reading “Groups marching in gay pride in 2017”

DRP complaint against Black Lives Matter Toronto

On 2016.07.30, I filed a complaint under the Pride Toronto Dispute Resolution Process against Black Lives Matter Toronto, accusing this activist group of violence, discrimination, hate speech, and violation of the contract it signed with Pride Toronto. Continue reading “DRP complaint against Black Lives Matter Toronto”

Janaya Khan interview (I)

Janaya Khan interview (video only), CP24, 2016.07.04.

Khan on camera

Note how Khan suddenly realizes the pickle she’s in as she uses “police” in a verb form: “I don’t ever want to police… uh, how somebody, what their – what someone’s profession should be, or, you know, whether or not they can be both queer and a police officer.” (Posted 2016.07.10; updated 2016.07.13, 2016.08.19.) Continue reading “Janaya Khan interview (I)”