This blog, started by Joe Clark in July 2016, serves to archive and catalogue important documents about the dispute between Black Lives Matter and Pride Toronto starting that same month. Black Lives Matter Toronto hijacked the Gay Pride Parade on 2016.07.03 and issued a written list of demands, which Pride Toronto executive director Mathieu Chantelois signed on to, then recanted the next day.

Why an archive?

It just isn’t true that, months from now, everyone will be able to easily and instantaneously put their hands on documents from Summer 2016 that we will need at that future time. If you think you can simply search for things and they’ll just pop up, you haven’t been using the Internet very long. As I’m in my 25th year online, I know otherwise. Hence this archive.


Black Lives Matter Toronto has a solid case about police violence and mistreatment of minority groups. They are out of their minds to suggest that Pride Toronto is suffused with “anti-blackness.” Pride Toronto is an insanely politically correct organization that enforces a rigid progressive-leftist victim hierarchy; blacks, transgenders, Muslims, and essentially all minority groups trump whites, gay men, lesbians, and each other.


(See my launch page for everything about me and Pride Toronto.)

I go back a very long way with what is now Pride Toronto. I ran accessibility for the parade in 1989 (!) and followed up by writing a manual for Pride so it could continue to provide accessibility in subsequent years. Pride explicitly rejected that manual, setting the stage for decades of future institutional contempt.

I put a great deal of effort into the Community Advisory Panel process. I even tried to copy-edit the final report, but gave up. At no time in the discussion of Black Lives Matter vs. Pride Toronto has there been any real acknowledgment of the CAP report the most important legacy of that effort – the Dispute Resolution Process (DRP). While the DRP has proven a total sham, it is ostensibly the only way to get any group or organization banned from a Pride march or parade.

Black Lives Matter Toronto and almost the entire media apparatus have simply ignored the Community Advisory Panel process from 2011 and its most important result, the Dispute Resolution Process. it is the only way to get a group or organization banned from a Pride parade or march.

This history has been completely ignored in large part because dumb-ass Millennials who think Twitter and Tumblr are journalism are doing the writing. They know nothing, least of all the history.

DRP complaint

On 2016.07.30, I filed a complaint under the Pride Toronto Dispute Resolution Process against Black Lives Matter Toronto, accusing this activist group of violence, discrimination, hate speech, and violation of the contract it signed with Pride Toronto.

What’s archived

  • Not every item, and especially not everything on Twitter, is archived. But evanescent Twitter and Facebook comments that are almost impossible to find after the fact will be selectively included.

  • And on the topic of Twitter, I do play favourites in whom I archive. Journalists and activists get priority. Countless anti-black, anti-gay, anti-Pride, or simply corrosively stupid comments on Twitter aren’t archived and don’t deserve to be.

  • Official statements will be archived.

  • I transcribed important interviews. (Online videoclips are doggedly difficult to find after the fact and won’t even play half the time. A transcript is something you can keep.) I use narrow phonetic transcription.

  • I do fact-check statements and will include those corrections. All items are copy-edited unless specified.

  • House style here is always Black Lives Matter Toronto, with no dash before the last word. Black Lives Matter Toronto consistently gets the dash wrong (typically mistyping it) and it isn’t needed anyway.

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I have no intention of ever deleting this blog or any of its contents. However, I am not signing on for a lifetime commitment. Updates may terminate at a logical point in the future when the underlying issue does.


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