Pride Toronto statement regarding police participation

Published late on a Sunday night (2017.05.07), but for once not on Facebook.

Pride Toronto released a statement today regarding police participation in the Pride Parade and festival weekend. The statement aims to clarify that police are not banned, that they are invited to participate with select conditions and that they will be providing necessary services to ensure the festival is secure.

LGBTQ+ police officers and their allies are not banned from the parade.

We welcome and encourage their participation to add to Pride this year as members of our community. LGBTQ+ police officers and their allies can march in the parade with community groups, with the City of Toronto, or even create their own group.

We are simply requesting that their participation not include the following elements: uniform, weapons, and vehicles.

The Toronto Police Service has been involved and supportive to us throughout our festival planning. They will provide all the necessary services to ensure that the festival weekend and parade are secure and successful.

The PDF press release (local copy), which has no business being a PDF, adds: “Additionally, Executive Director Olivia Nuamah will be attending the Economic Development Committee meeting on May 8, 2017 to provide a deputation in support of continued city funding for Pride.”

Also, the press release’s continued use of the phrase “the parade” implies that different rules will be set up for the Trans March and Dyke March, which are marches (QED). But Pride Toronto is not a place one goes for linguistic precision.