Pride Toronto recruits boardmembers

Did you know that Pride Toronto has been recruiting new members of its board for the last 2½ weeks? No, right? That surely isn’t by design, but is equally surely due to Pride Toronto’s incompetence at communicating.

Requirement to have been a member for a year seems to have disappered

Previously, you had to have been a member of Pride Toronto for a full year before running for the board (for a “Director” position, to be precise). That seems to have disappeared.

Primary criteria for membership on the board are three forms of gender

Pride Toronto’s Board Recruitment Policy and Process lists the following priorities (emphasis added), given in what I assume to be descending order of priority.

The Board of Pride Toronto will strive to reflect the diversity of Pride Toronto’s stakeholders, including Toronto’s LGBTTIQQ2SA* communities. This includes a balance of genders, gender identities, and gender expressions, in addition to other considerations of diversity such as racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, ability, and socioeconomic class or status.

Numbers one, two, and three on that priority list are gender in different forms of drag. Gay men and lesbians are strongly disadvantaged from applying to become a boardmember of Toronto Gay Pride.

Unreasonably quick deadline was almost silently extended

The initial deadline was today, 9 December 2016. Via Facebook and no other public means, Pride extended that deadline by five days to the 14th. The original posting was dated 29 November, and even with the extended deadline this is not remotely enough leadtime.

We’re looking for folks to help lead the organization for the next three years. Board nominations are now open!

Deadline EXTENDED submit your application by Wednesday December 14, 2016.

The recruitment process wasn’t even posted on Pride Toronto’s Twitter.

Original recruitment posting

On its Web site, run via WordPress but paradoxically without an RSS feed, this was the solicitation for boardmembers (most errors left in place):

Board of Directors Call for Recruitment 2016–2017 Year

Pride Toronto is seeking individuals for its Board of Directors to help lead the organization for the next three years.

We are recruiting people who support the mission, vision and values of the organization. Pride Toronto exists to celebrate the history, courage, diversity and future of Toronto’s LGBTTI2QSA* communities.

Pride Toronto strongly encourages individuals from historically marginalized communities to apply. We are also looking for demonstrated experience in the following areas:

  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Community Engagement
  • Financial Management
  • Non-profit Management
  • Sponsorship and Fundraising
  • Previous Board experience is an asset
  • We recognize lived experience as a valuable attribute

While we appreciate the interest of all candidates, only selected individuals will be contacted for an interview; candidates must be available for an interview in early December.

The Board Recruitment Committee will be conducting interviews and will recommend candidates to Pride Toronto’s membership, who will vote to fill five (5) positions on the Board at the Annual General Meeting.

If you are interested in applying please email your resume along with a completed application form to no later than 11:59 PM on December 9, 2016. Only completed applications will be considered.

If you apply and are not recommended or interviewed by the committee through this process, you may still run for membership on the Board with the signed support of ten (10) members of the organization which must be submitted to by January 13, 2017.

In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code [and] Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, accommodation will be provided in all parts of the recruitment process. Applicants need to make their needs known in advance.

Questions on the application form

The application form is some kind of Google Doc (sic) that will surely disappear. (For the hell of it, I made a local PDF version.) It recapitulates the solicitation cited above, plus asks these questions:

  • Full Name
  • How do you identify?
  • Pronoun(s) you use
  • Contact Email Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Why are you interested in joining the Board of Pride Toronto?
  • How will your experience, talents and skills contribute to advancing Pride Toronto’s mission and vision?

Then it asks you to send a copy of “your current resume” to (“Please indicate that you have submitted an application online in your email.”)

Pride Toronto’s documents

Using the Wild Apricot membership platform, Pride Toronto published a raft of documents for this process. They’re all PDFs and presumably they can and will be deleted at some point.

My versions are better PDFs and you should look at those first. (I produced an HTML version of the bylaws proper.) But if you want to look at Pride’s PDFs published on Wild Apricot, I made local copies (with no changes other than regularizing filenames). Some names point to the same file under different names, which again is why you should look at my versions first.

  1. Organization By‑Laws 
  2. Board Recruitment Policy and Process
  3. Code of Conduct
  4. Confidentiality Policy
  5. Conflict of Interest Policy
  6. Guidelines Regarding Pride Participants
  7. Office Use and Access Policy
  8. Police Record Check/Volunteer Screening Policy
  9. Membership Policy
  10. Purchasing and Procurement Policy
  11. Social Media Policy
  12. Third Party Events Policy
  13. Volunteer Age Policy
  14. Single File Download for All By-Laws and Policies

Posted: 2016.12.09