Pride Toronto August 2016 survey

Pride Toronto set up an online survey to coïncide with its end-of-the-month town halls in August 2016. Pride Toronto seems to like to do everything with Google Docs, which is what the online survey really is. It will disappear eventually, so I include its questions here.

There was also a handout at the town halls that one could complete, if one could read the tiny type. (Page 1; Page 2.)

Survey questions

  • The first questions were rated on a Likert scale of Poor to Excellent (or Never to Always) and added a free-form Additional Comments field.

    • Please rate your overall experience at the 2016 Pride Month. This can include major cultural partner events, affiliate events, and the festival weekend of July 1 to July 3, 2016.
    • How would you rate Pride Toronto’s first-ever Pride Month compared to the historical 10-day festival?
    • Did you see yourself reflected in Pride Month events? Were there events that spoke to your identity and/or interests?
    • How would you rate Pride Toronto’s efforts to create an inclusive environment that is safe, barrier-free, and accessible to everyone?
    • How would you rate Pride Toronto’s promotion of the events taking place during Pride Month? Were you aware of all the events? Did you know where to go for more information?
  • The next question offered a list of options plus an Additional Comments field.

    Which types of initiatives would you like to see more of during future Toronto Pride Festivals?

    • Human-rights events
    • Arts and culture events (ROM, AGO, etc)
    • Local performers
    • Youth programming
    • Demographic-specific programming
    • Multicultural events
    • Sports
    • Fine arts
    • Year-round events
    • Educational initiatives
    • Other
  • The last questions were open-ended.

    • Optional: How do you identify? Name, age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, or anything else that you think we should know about you to help us meet your needs
    • How can Pride Toronto better reflect, engage, and be accountable to our diverse communities on a year-round basis?
    • What is your understanding of the reasons for the direct action in the 2016 Parade by Pride Toronto’s Honoured Group, Black Lives Matter Toronto Coalition, and their demands?
    • Based on what you understand happened, how would you have handled it?
    • Going forward, what do you think is the best solution?
    • Any additional comments you’d like to make?