Chantelois shitcans self

Mathieu Chantelois’ E-mail autoresponder claimed he was away till August 12. That didn’t stop him from using Twitter in the meantime.

At any rate, today (August 10) Pride Toronto provided this statement in the only place it ever comments now, its fungible, easily deleted, almost-impossible-to-link-to Facebook feed:

Today Pride Toronto announces that Mathieu Chantelois resigned from his position as Executive Director to pursue an opportunity with another organization.

In the coming weeks, Pride Toronto will begin the search for a new Executive Director.

In the interim, the Board of Directors will provide strategic direction and support to the organization until the search process is completed.

(Update, 19:09: Actually, Pride did publish it in a semi-hidden blog post.)

You’ll recall that Kevin Beaulieu also flew the coop, and he only got the job after Cape Town’s own Tracey Sandilands had to have the Pride Toronto corporate credit card pried out of her already-fired hands.

Getting back to Mathieu: I noted he used Twitter while “away.” “Fun video, Cineplex!” he ejaculated on August 9.

Then today he admits he’s going to work for Cineplex, president of which is shadowy gay materfamilias Salah Bachir, who of course runs official LGBT Toronto and even has his name on its community centre. (Actually, Bachir is president of subsidiary Cineplex Media.)

I presented my resignation to the PT board and I currently work at Cineplex Media. It was time for me to move. I wish Pride the best!

So that’s all right then.