‘Badge of Pride’

Badge of Pride is the 2009 documentary by Toronto TV writer/producer/director Min Sook Lee, who definitely is not the other “Sook Lee” you might be thinking of. It features two gay cops and two lesbian cops. Nobody has really great experiences to recount; at the very best, one gay male is treated with benign indifference, except when he isn’t.

Of interest is Const. Jackie O’Keefe, much discussed in the press for her history with Queer Nation. (“Queer” did not mean then what it means now. [Memorabilia.]) Badge of Pride (≈35:04) shows her at the end of her rope in her job as a police constable (and LGBT liaison).

Constable Jackie O’Keefe (in short hair, blue-framed glasses, white shirt, chevron-striped cardigan)

JACKIE O’KEEFE: It’s not the blatant sexist revolting misogyny. It’s not that. It’s that daily corrosion. I have no more armour. I ha— I’m exhau— I-I can’t do it anymore! So every comment that may have rolled off my back five years ago is now… I’m finding the recovery time is just – there’s not enough recovery time between the – between the insults, between the lack of consciousness, between the – you know? There’s never enough recovery. So, um, now it’s just – I can’t – I can’t even bounce back anymore. So. So I’m, uh, leaving as soon as I can. So.

MIN SOOK LEE: You’re sick of it.

— I can’t tell you how sick of it I am.

I’m just… I already feel like I’ve betrayed myself a thousand times. And I can’t live with myself anymore.

Are you interested in the issue of gay and lesbian cops? If you’re reading this archive, you should be. You can easily watch Badge of Pride by borrowing it from the library. (It’s only at the library because I suggested it.)