Black Lives Matter Toronto at Caribana 2016

Did BLM carry out any action whatsoever against the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, better known as Caribana, in 2016? After all, BLM disrupted the Pride Parade that year, and BLM constantly argues for “intersectionality” of black and “queer and trans” concerns.

The answer is no.

  • Globe article (which gives “Rodney” Diverlus a darling new name):

    In Toronto, the vocal plight of Black Lives Matter Toronto, which staged a two-week encampment in front of police headquarters in March and shut down last month’s Pride parade for a half-hour, has raised questions about police celebrating events in communities that have been historically oppressed by law enforcement.

    Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Pascale Diverlus said the group is critical of the policing at the carnival, but whether BLM gets involved this weekend will be “up to the community.”

    “It’s an event that’s supposed to be ours. I’ve been going for a few years now and there’s more and more police officers,” Ms. Diverlus said. “I used to live around the area and you see officers days and days beforehand patrolling for whatever reason. It speaks to how much we’re targeted and surveilled.”

  • Comments from Black Lives Matter Toronto’s Facebook page (2016.07.29), which linked that article and most of the same section I just did:

    Duncan Elliott Kirkwood
    Is the BLM Chapter in Toronto marching in the parade?
    Black Lives Matter Toronto
    Some of us individually. Not as a group.
    Marc Goodridge
    But did BLMTO try to have a section this year in Caribana? Yes or no? If no then why not?
    Black Lives Matter Toronto
    Why would we, Marc Goodridge? Plenty of mas bands to join for those of us who wanted to. And did!