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  1. Alok Mukherjee: “Black Lives Matter and Police in Pride: Reaction Over Reason.”

  2. Goldsbie: “Confronting Discrimination Within Pride Toronto” (“discrimination” is at best a very strong term here)

  3. Why Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Speak for Me” (not the ringing denunciation the title would lead you to expect)

    Black leaders are crowned not by the communities they are members of, but by media picking their most accessible faves…. But while BLM-TO is great at communicating with media and keeping the media up to date on its movements, it’s not so great at being transparent with the people the group claims to represent.

    It has no community outreach program to hear how systemic anti-Black racism plagues Toronto’s Black communities or to respond to concerns and questions about their organization…. As a group, BLM-TO’s leadership reflects some of the same inequities present in white supremacist society. While they are a group of Black, mostly queer people, they are also university-educated. Their team of elder advisers all have professional designations – doctors, lawyers, professors and media personalities – thus reproducing elitism and classism within the group.

    Its carefully created and maintained image is of Black people who speak the specialized language of Black academia – hardly accessible to most of Toronto’s Black communities.

  4. Rinaldo Walcott gets the DRP wrong. You’d think somebody who runs a “woman” and gender program would get his facts straight, but I guess not.

    Pride has in the past and will in the foreseeable future debate and impose restrictions on who marches. It’s not a free-for-all. Parade marchers must fit a certain values test, and as it stands currently, policing organizations fail that values test due to their mistreatment of trans, Indigenous and Black people (youth, in particular) and sex workers…. To remove police floats is not to act against inclusion but, rather, to say that inclusion matters and must be earned.

  5. “ ‘Pride is bigger’: Organizer says Black Lives Matter demands are start of ‘conversation,’ not binding contract”:

    “Pride organizers were not made aware at the time because we did not feel that would be the most impactful action,” Khan said.

    “Being someone who is queer and gender non-conforming and black, we recognized there was a disappearance of black infrastructure within Pride. That there was anti-black practices, and more than that, the disappearance of space of racialized people and the slashing of budgets.”

  6. The bullies of Black Lives Matter”:

    [W]e’re not Ferguson, or anything like it. By pretending that Toronto is just another racist hellhole where police routinely gun down black kids, the Black Lives Matter folks do not create a useful forum for discussion. Nor do they pay much attention to the black kids who are gunned down by other black kids. Don’t those lives matter, too?

  7. Black Lives Matter got attention, but did its Pride tactics hurt or help its cause?” quotes various “branding expert[s]” and “political strategist[s]” and one of the expected tendentious creeps from the academic left:

    Megan Boler, a social justice education professor at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, said the fact the protest “brought politics back into the Pride parade” is a “huge win.”

    “I think it will be good for their cause because it’s opened a conversation now about the police being part of the parade,” she said.

    (I asked Boler for comment on my description of her as a “expected tendentious creep from the academic left.” I also asked her why she didn’t talk about the DRP, CAP, or CAFE or QuAIA. No response.)

  8. In BLM’s view to be white is to be racist and to be black is to be a victim

    Since Pride is amongst the most politically correct organizations on the planet, it was pretty weird to hear Alexandra Williams, BLM Toronto’s cofounder, accusing Pride Toronto of “anti-blackness.” Evidence, Ms Williams? Anyone? But precisely because Pride is so politically correct, arguing with black activists simply wasn’t on. So Pride caved almost immediately, instead of, justifiable in the circumstances, asking the police to escort Ms Williams and her extortionate friends off the premises.

  9. Black Lives Matter flooded with hate mail following Toronto Pride parade sit-in,” though none of those documents were shown to the Canadian Press journalist reporting the story

  10. Black Lives Matter is dramatic, unsettling and inconvenient. That’s the point”: “Naila Keleta-Mae is a professor at the University of Waterloo where she researches race, gender, theatre and performance” (continues for some time – Ed.)

  11. Cops thrown under the bus in Pride controversy

  12. Cowardly politicians have empowered Black Lives Matter”:

    [T]he government has caved to demands on carding. Fair enough, it wasn’t just BLM demanding changes. It was time for a review. But the way democracies change policies is inside the legislature, not on the lawn outside.

    One is called parliamentary democracy. The other is mob rule.

    What BLM did at the Pride parade was not just outrageous – it was stupidly reckless. Stopping the parade and setting off smoke bombs just weeks after the Orlando attack on a gay bar was like yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre.

    People who were there tell me thousands of people were trapped in a small space in sweltering heat. The country’s entire political elite was at the parade. It was a security nightmare.

    BLM demanded Pride director Mathieu Chantelois sign their list of demands, which included a promise to ban police floats in future parades. Chantelois later said he signed the paper under duress and BLM, “isn’t going to tell us there’s no more floats in the parade.”
    Good for him. He acted like the adult in the room and should be applauded for doing the right thing.

  13. Mayor John Tory backs cops in Pride controversy

  14. Gary Kinsman: “Black Lives Matter Toronto recaptures Pride’s activist roots.”

    This white agitator and university professor never earned less than $100,000 a year from 2006 through 2013 at Laurentian University. He earned over $740,000 during that time, yet was heralded for working with the Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty. It is perfectly fair to call Gary Kinsman a hypocrite and a sellout, particularly toward the only group in which he can claim membership, white gay men, a cohort on whom he visits contempt, based on my direct lived experience and on having read his work for nearly 30 years.

    Here Kinsman claims that “Black queer people – like all black people – are fighting for their lives. Just as many of us were during the AIDS crisis,” stating outright that a fatal disease is exactly equivalent to living a full unencumbered life while black.

  15. Pride gets served by Black Lives Matter

  16. Pride controversy: Gay white men were once on the outside too

    From the beginning, women were part of the movement. From the beginning, people of colour were part of the movement. From the beginning, people outside the middle class were part of the movement. But anyone who isn’t a middle-class white male isn’t. Women and people of colour, transgender people, poor people have separate issues based on their gender, race, sexual identity or class – issues that remain unresolved after centuries of struggle. Today, many of these people feel the victory for same-sex rights is only a partial victory, because it doesn’t fully include them.

    For many of these people, the police officer isn’t necessarily their friend. Neither is the politician or professor or employer. Or the middle-class white male.

    This isn’t political correctness run amok. This isn’t left-wing or any-wing. This just is.

  17. Black Lives Matter Held Pride Accountable – and Toronto Should Too.” Torontoist buzzword bingo!

    • allies

    • Black queer and trans (but! queer and trans Blackness)

    • HIV criminalization

    • intersectional

    • LGBTQ

    • most marginalized

    • people of colour

    • racialized

  18. “Pride ‘firmly rooted in a tradition of protest’: Black LGBT community leaders on parade controversy.” Only two of the signatories to this open letter, Rinaldo Walcott and OmiSoore H. Dryden (no relation), could legitimately be added to an enemies list.

    Those signatories were listed as follows (copy-edited):

    1. Rinaldo Walcott, director of Women and Gender Studies Institute [sic] at the University of Toronto

    2. Angela Robertson, executive director of Queen West Central Toronto Community Health Centre, founding member of Blackness Yes

    3. Beverly Bain, teacher in the Woman and Gender Studies Program [sic] at the University of Toronto

    4. OmiSoore H. Dryden, co-host of Blockorama at this year’s Pride, assistant professor in the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies department at Thorneloe University

    5. Douglas Stewart, founding member of Blackness Yes, the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention, Simon Nkoli Anti-Apartheid Committee [because I guess we’re going back that far despite lack of relevance] and several black LGBT organizations

    6. Courtnay McFarlane, artist, poet, community worker, founding member of AYA men and Blackness Yes

    7. Akua Benjamin, activist, professor at Ryerson University School of Social Work, cofounder of the Anti-Black Racism Network

    8. Debbie Douglas, executive director of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI), founding member of several local LGBT groups

    9. Dionne A. Falconer, founding member of Blackness Yes!, HIV/AIDS activist

    10. Beth Jordan, activist, cofounder of the Cross Sectoral Violence Against Women Strategy Group, former cochair of the Community One Foundation

  19. Sue-Ann Levy:

  20. Pride has divorced blackness from queerness

  21. Black Lives Matter ‘will not stand down’ on police ban from Pride parade

  22. Black Lives Matter’s Controversial Protest Helped Pride Get Back to Its Political Roots”: Vizmin “gender” researcher cites murdered MTF transgender and heterosexualist black male, as if gay men and lesbians were responsible for either

  23. Toronto police chief decries ‘attacks on the TPS’ after Pride in wake of protest”: “There are clearly people in this city who want to drive a wedge between the TPS and the LGBTQ communities… In the aftermath of a very successful and safe parade, attacks on the TPS have come, predictably, from those people”

  24. Black Lives Matter Toronto embodies the spirit of Pride” by, rather unexpectedly, a black person in the employ of Pink Triangle Press

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