Greatest hits of Janaya Khan

On two topics (actually very important topics), I find Black Lives Matter Toronto cofounder Janaya Khan disingenuous when she isn’t actively lying.

Janaya Khan, with megaphone, at Yonge and Carlton with dozens of protestors lying on the pavement

519’s photo (Facebook)

Did you know Stonewall was a “riot led by transwomen and queer people of colour”?

You didn’t? That’s probably because it isn’t true. “Black Lives Matter Toronto cofounder responds to Pride-action criticism”:

[Pride Toronto has] committed to a more inclusive Pride – an inclusivity connected to the very first Pride, known as Stonewall, the riot led by transwomen and queer people of colour against police brutality in 1969 New York.

That’s a complete lie, one endlessly reiterated by queers, trannies, and LGBTs, especially if they’re also nonwhite. Many Stonewall participants are still alive (one of them, James Dubro, is a longstanding gay journalist here in Toronto) and it is flatly false that “transwomen” existed at the time; that “transwomen” did anything at Stonewall; that it was even legally possible to appear in public in opposite-sex clothes; and that nonwhites were in the majority there or ran the event.

All false. But, not content to simply be herself and inhabit her own history, Khan, and so many activist liars like her, have to attempt to rewrite history. And, for the culturally illiterate generation that thinks Tumblr and Twitter are repositories of history, these liars are halfway to winning. But only half. And they’re still liars, Khan very much included.

Did you know the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting wasn’t carried out by a Muslim gunman?

How Black Lives Matter co-founder Janaya Khan sees Canada”:

When people are using the word “hijacked,” I think it really reflects that, because we have Muslim people on our team, how quickly we’re falling into anti-Islamic sentiment.

Q. You think “hijack” is a reference to the Islamic people on your team?

A. Oh, absolutely it is. I think there’s an investment with certain people to frame us as the type of organization that has the type of power to incite change in a particular way that we could have the power to hijack something so large…. So our action has challenged gay white men specifically and they’ve responded in white supremacist ways. That’s really what we’ve seen.

At Black Lives Matter’s sit-in at the Trans March on Saturday (2016.07.01), I heard Khan ascribe the Orlando Pulse massacre to “toxic masculinity.” She was further quoted as saying the cause was “white supremacy.”

What actually happened was this: An American-born Afghan Muslim murdered 49 people, most of them gay men.

Now, try getting Khan to admit that.

(Black Lives Matter wouldn’t answer questions.)