“Where is your Pride?”

Letter to Pride Toronto on Black Lives Matter’s blog (2016.07.11), unsigned.

Dear Pride Toronto Cochairs,

You’ve given me no choice but to boycott Pride next year since you are going back on a promise you made to our most marginalized communities that shouldn’t have had to be made in the first place.

Though I admit, with my head hung in shame, that my reaction was not as it should have been initially. It didn’t take long for me to educate myself enough to realize how exclusive Pride really is. I’m ashamed for not knowing this fight has been going on for years and that their cries have fallen on many a deaf ears – especially yours, since you are in a position of real power. It is yours and the rest of our (privileged folk)[’s] fault that the Pride parade had to be halted, and the fact that you are blaming it on BLMTO is disturbing.

I trust that you are smart and compassionate people. Please stop perpetuating the oppression of our most marginalized people. If you’re in need of some direction, l’d suggest starting by reading and listening to anything published by BLMTO. It’s hard to miss. Beyond that, Audre Lord is a truly inspirational writer whose message was largely about intersectional identity and oppression.

Please be decent human beings and do the right thing. Your anti-blackness is rightfully being called out, so take it as an opportunity to become a beacon of change through leading by example, instead of cowering behind the mainstream masses.

My Pride is not anti-black. If you can’t get behind this, I can’t get behind you.