“CAFE Message of Inclusion in Response to Pride Controversy”

The only group ever banned by Pride Toronto in living memory (perhaps ever) is not QuAIA, not Black Lives Matter, not the cops, but the teensy tiny men’s group called the Canadian Association for Equality.

At this point, you should know all that already.

Here is a statement CAFE issued on July 11.

CAFE Message of Inclusion in Response to Pride Controversy

In response to Toronto Pride/BLM Controversy, CAFE Shares Message of Inclusion

TORONTO July 11, 2016 – Pride is a celebration of diversity and inclusion. The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) supports both. These are the guiding principles in all of our work, efforts and services. We are disappointed by the divisions that have sprung up since the Toronto Pride parade.

Groups that fight for equality, whether for LGBTQ2S people or for black individuals, and police who protect the citizenry, should be natural allies, working together to better all our lives. When groups refuse to engage with each other it leads to polarization and hostility [that] does not serve any organization’s constructive purpose.

CAFE does extensive work in the community at large, supporting and advocating for the health of men and families and the intersection of men’s issues with the LGBTQ2S community and the black community of Toronto. These issues include drawing attention to male victims of domestic violence, the tremendous prevalence of male suicide and other issues surrounding society’s lack of fundamental support for fathers.

In addition, the Canadian Association for Equality has had numerous opportunities to work with the Toronto Police. These have been positive experiences. We know the vast majority of police officers are courageous and hard-working individuals who put their lives on the line on a regular basis. We congratulate the Toronto Police for taking steps to improve their work with marginalized communities and hope we can be a positive actor in these initiatives.

All the organizations entangled in the recent controversy have important contributions to make toward building a more inclusive society but it is only through working cooperatively and finding common ground that we can make real progress.

This is called “not being a sore loser.” Generally with “queer and trans” groups like Black Lives Matter, we more commonly encounter sore winners.

Posted: 2016.07.19