Unsubstantiated rumour-mongering

From DataLounge:

I know a lady who worked on the Pride parade this year and they are royally pissed off. BLM was invited as guests and no one argued the point. Then after what happened, they pretty much lost all their supporters at the Pride committee, including people of colour.

What really pissed everyone off was that this parade was supposed to be for the victims in the Pulse shooting and BLM made it about themselves.

The head of the committee has already said he signed their demands to get the parade moving and has no intention of blocking police from attending nest year, or any year. BLM will not be invited as guests next year. […]

[A]ccording to my friend, one of the BLM guys used an anti-gay slur while talking to some of the committee members and was finally told to be quiet by one of the women. I have to wonder how many actually were gay.

Canadian BLM groups are too much of “Me too!” mentality. Black Canadians have it pretty good compared to black Americans, yet they want people to believe it’s like Compton up here.

I asked Pride’s cochairs, one of whom actually isn’t black, to confirm or deny this rumour. No response.