Comments from Doug Elliott

On Facebook at various times (e.g., July 3, 7).

  • I have always been proud to stand in solidarity with the black community and other racialized minorities. I remember the bathhouse raids not from reading history, but because I demonstrated in front of 52 Division. The black community supported us then.

    BLM is a disgraceful group that do no credit to queers or blacks. They are selfish drama queens devoid of integrity. I am well aware of the unearned privilege I carry as a white cisgendered male Canadian. However, I have never used smoke grenades to protest. [I] would never insult allies who offered support. I would never disrespect the young, the elderly or the disabled in our community or any other. That is what BLM did. I denounce them in the strongest possible terms as unworthy of calling themselves human-rights advocates. They are narcissistic attention-seeking opportunists who care only about headlines. If they really cared about black lives instead of their own egos, they would be demonstrating against the homophobia in places like Uganda and Jamaica, much of which is driven by white imperialists. And I will not allow anyone to attempt to silence me because of the colour of my skin. Ever.

  • Undemocratic and narcissistic to say the least! Several families with small children had to leave while these Stalinists held up our parade. I saw several elderly people wilting in the heat. Did the Black Lives Matter folks care? Not at all. It was all about them.

    We invited a viper to our bosom. We extended an olive branch to them and they beat us with it publicly, the ingrates . The “deal” was achieved by blackmail and should be rescinded. We need to find other ways to deal with the real problems of racism. Black Lives Matter and all those involved with this hijacking of our event should be banned permanently from Pride Toronto. If they do not like our Parade, why did they agree to march? If they want to improve it, more power to them – use the proper channels to create change, or start your own parade. Do not punish the allies.

    It is like inviting a friend to dinner and they trash your place because you do not agree with their politics. I will not march in another parade that includes this self-centred group. They disgust me!