Mike McCormack interview

Mike McCormack, president, Toronto Police Association (that’s the police union), CP24 (video only), 2016.07.04

McCormack on camera

Note that McCormack never says “gay” even once, and calls Mathieu Chantelois “Matthew.” (Posted 2016.07.10; updated 2016.07.13, 2016.08.19.).

INTERVIEWER: You heard what Mathieu had to say moments ago. OK, so now over to you.

McCORMACK: Uh-uh, you know, again, you know, we think the whole thing’s problematic. You know, I heard what he had to say. You know, I hope he’s not in the finance industry signing off mortgages with that same pen or whatever, you know. It’s problematic, you know? The whole event is supposed to be about inclusion, supposed to be about community. Like, he brought up all the great points about it. But it has been completely overshadowed because of Black Lives Matter hijacking of the parade. But to try to dance around that – if Matthew is very sincere about what he – that he didn’t know what he was signing or whatever, that’s a big problem as well. So if he wants to retract it and give us an apology, we would love to hear. We’ve reached out to his organization, and we have heard nothing yet.

— I know that the Toronto Police Service does a lot of in-kind work with, uh, Pride. And are you fearful that it could impact that as well?

— Well, first of all, we work very hard with the community.

— Mm-hmm.

— We have many of our officers who are part of that community. Um, and we have been working diligently – not only from the officer standpoint but also members of the community to foster these great relationships. And it has been a lot of hard work on both sides. And now to have that sort of betrayal – that’s how my officers feel – that we got thrown under the bus, what, to move a parade along or that they would sign off on something like this? And for even Matthew to suggest – we’ve been part of this parade for many, many years, and not one issue. And now this has become an issue? And the only reason it’s become an issue is because of Black Lives Matter, and we’re concerned that they’re trying to drive a wedge in between the police and the communities that we represent.

— What about the trans situation and the concerns there? I mean, Mathieu said he got some E‑mails today. There are still those – regardless of the apology that came from the chief last week. And there are still those concerns there.

— Well, again, like, we’re not saying we’re perfect. We’re always striving to improve our relationships to do that. But you cannot knock the Toronto Police Service for the amount of effort and the amount of change. We are the most inclusive, uh, represent our communities, and we’ve been working – and this again was supposed to be an inclusive event. It was supposed to be something that we would recognize the sacrifice –

— Mm-hmm.

— of all those people in Orlando, which was going to be a great event. And now it’s about Black Lives Matter hijacking this to get this forward. And, you know, for them to throw, as I said, our officers under the bus, it really deserves an apology.

— So if you’re – to send a note out to your membership now, what would you say to them going forward?

— I would say let’s hear what the organizers of the Pride event have to say. Let’s see if they’re gonna apologize. But they need to deal with this, because my concern, as you said, is that we work very hard, and this – I don’t want this to fester. I don’t want this to drive a wedge in the relationship that we’ve worked so hard, uh, to accomplish. So let’s hear – the ball’s in their court. Let’s hear what they have to say.