Pride Toronto Anti-Oppression Statement

All errors sic. Note it mentions only transphobia as an ill to struggle against.

Anti-Oppression Statement

In this space we seek to create a space that is safe, inclusive and supportive as possible for people who are trans and/or gender-independent or non-binary. We recognize that we live in a society full of power imbalances along lines of race, class, gender, sex, sexuality, age, physical ability, size, and other diverse identities. Though these differences can feel intimidating, we also affirm that we share common experiences that inspire us to fight these norms. As we work towards ending transphobia in our society, we feel it is essential to build community and experience each other in new ways, loving and supporting one another. In order to create this space, we ask the following of all:

  1. We acknowledge that we are gathering on the traditional territories of the Mississaugas of New Credit.
  2. We respect the right of people to self-identify, their preferred pronouns and their right to express their gender-identity how they choose.
  3. Please never make assumptions about which pronouns someone uses. It is always better to politely ask which pronoun they prefer.
  4. It is OK to ask someone about “who” they are, it is not okay to ask someone about “what” they are. It is not anyone’s job to educate you about themselves or their identity.
  5. Do not use oppressive language. Challenge yourself to be aware of your words. For example, don’t use phrases such as “that is gay,” “lame,” or similar.
  6. Be aware of how you use your body. Everyone has a different history, comfort level and personal space needs. Please make sure all touch, casual or not, is consensual.

So then: You have to acknowledge the Indians from centuries ago, and you have to politely ask what pronouns to use, but beyond that, it isn’t anyone’s job to “educate” you about themselves. (Challenge yourself!) Oh, and you can be as homophobic as you want as long as you never misgender a tranny.

And if you should ever need to pull that tranny out of the way of an oncoming fleet of dykes on bikes, be sure to ask first.