Black Lives Matter wouldn’t sell a T‑shirt to a white person

BLMTO essentially admitted that, on July 2, it refused to sell a T‑shirt to a white person, or, in its Orwellian euphemism, someone who is not black-identified. (If Tilda Swinton were to identify as black tomorrow, was she black all along?)

  • Sima XYN: “Tried to buy a shirt & make a donation. I was refused service at the [Black Lives Matter] booth at Pride Toronto because I’m white[.]

  • BLM: “As our volunteer told you, our movement shirts are for Black-identified folks. Since you seem interested in making a donation, you are more than welcome to inquire about those options.”

  • “I tried to make a donation yesterday at your booth and was sent away because I am not black.”

This would seem to be a clear violation of the Human Rights Code by refusing to provide goods or services on the basis of colour, race, and ancestry.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter gives away T‑shirts to black people: “Black folks who march will get a free T-shirt.”

All very small potatoes and not remotely a smoking gun, let alone a smoking gun wielded by a white cop against an unarmed black male, but indicative of a certain degree of hypocrisy.

(See question BLM wouldn’t answer.)

Posted: 2016.07.19